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WMV to QuickTime Conversion


Different OS (Operating System) supports different video formats. Different media player supports different video formats. Different video applications support different video formats. How do you match your video with so many different requirements? Video converters are the way.

There are so many video formats out there. There are also numerous video players, video editors and other video related applications. Among these crowds of different requirements, you may be stuck with your videos. I have seen my friends becoming very confused when they switch from one OS to another OS. Video format preference varies from OS to OS. Therefore, it is easy to feel confused. Now the question is how to handle this situation?

Let us take an example. WMV (Windows Media Video) is a video format that Microsoft Windows uses by default. Therefore, Windows related software support this format. Windows based media players, video editors and other applications are compatible with this format. Everything is easy with WMV files in Windows. However, if you try WMV on Mac, you will get error messages. Mac does not support WMV files. Many applications on Mac also do not support it. On Mac, you have to  convert WMV to QuickTime to work with WMV files.

QuickTime formats are default formats for Mac. Mainly three formats of QuickTime, which are MP4, MOV and M4V, are default video formats. These three formats are compatible with Mac based media players, video editors and video applications etc. Therefore, when you import WMV to Mac, you better convert WMV to QuickTime. It eases up the entire process dramatically. If you intend more than playing the WMV files, conversion is the ideal option.

Aside Mac, let us take Apple devices like iPhone or iPod. You cannot play WMV files in there too. Those devices also use QuickTime video formats. Therefore, to watch a WMV file on iPhone or iPod, you must convert WMV to QuickTime formats.

This conversion process requires a video converter. Video converters can convert between two supported video formats. However, you have to choose a video converter carefully. Many video converters cannot provide quality services. Some degrades the video quality heavily by darkening it. Some make the video grainy, spotted, blocky, striped, hazy, or foggy etc. Some make the audio and video go out of synchronization. You certainly do not want that for your video. To avoid such outcome, you can use a reputed converter like Video Converter for Mac.

Video converters enhance flexibility of your videos. With them, you can have your videos in any format. Thus, you can use them on any video applications.